If you want to reach a wider audience than you could with an in-person event, livestreaming your new product launch could be the best way to do it. The key is to reward viewers for their time by providing valuable content. For instance, Canon launched two flagship mirrorless cameras on YouTube and then followed it up with four lenses and two lens extenders. The company also hosted a live Q&A to answer questions from viewers.

If you’re planning a livestream, start by researching your target audience. Analyzing your audience and creating personas will help you decide how to present your product in a unique way. Ask specific questions about your prospective buyers and their social media habits to get a clearer picture of how they would respond to your product.

Create pre-launch materials that focus on your product’s benefits. Submit these to influential publications for media coverage. This will boost brand awareness and increase RSVPs before the livestream event. You should also send press releases to top industry publications. Getting your name mentioned in industry publications will make you an authentic thought leader in your industry.

During your livestream, make sure your message is clear and concise. If you’re vague and confusing, viewers may lose interest quickly. Use social media, email marketing, and other traditional methods to promote your livestream. You can also partner with an influencer to create a more engaging livestream.

A successful product launch takes a great deal of planning and preparation. From the initial buzz to the post-event marketing phase, you’ll want to do everything you can to make the best use of your efforts. By creating content that’s relevant and repurposed after your product launch, you’ll be able to gain new audiences and boost your sales in the weeks following.

Live streaming is increasingly becoming part of major companies’ marketing strategies. By 2028, the live streaming market is expected to grow to $223 billion. And as technology continues to advance, the ability to live stream is becoming increasingly easier and more accessible. You’ll find that live streaming is a valuable investment in your business.

Before livestreaming your new product launch, make sure you’ve conducted market research and have a mockup of the product. Next, identify the key stakeholders you need to involve in the launch. This is the foundation for your product messaging. It’s a vital part of your product launch and should explain to everyone how it benefits them. Finally, keep your messaging simple and short so it’s easy for internal stakeholders to understand and remember.